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mirrortomysoul's Journal

Mirror To My Soul <3
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Do you know the saying that a person's eyes are the mirror to their soul (actually, it's window but we thought mirror sounded prettier ^^)? Well, in this community, you can claim the eyes of your favorite character or celebrity. Here are the rules to the community:

1. Only one claim per person. Two claims for the maintainer and co-maintainers. More claims can be earned through icons, banners, or other contributions made for the community.

2. The character may be from any anime, game, book, movie or it can be a real life celebrity or singer. Whatever you like. ^_^

3. Please be nice! If someone has already taken your character, don't bite their head out. There are plenty of people to claim.

4. No derogatory comments or bad language, please.

5. Please post all claims in the journal, not through e-mail or comments. Be sure to say the name of your character and what anime/game/book/movie/band that they are from.

Have fun! ^_^